Screen addiction, it’s not something we want to think about is it?

Until it becomes a problem…

Much has been written about screen addiction, most of it with sensationalist headlines, suggesting its akin to a Cocaine habit, and that it damages our brains.

These hyper charged statements push us further towards our screens. It’s much easier to avoid thinking about a habit, or what might need paying attention to in our lives if we continuously get a dopamine fix from our screens.

But looking at our phones and Ipads and TV, mostly at the same time, does have an impact. It leaves us with a feeling of emptiness, propels us into a parallel universe where complicated algorithms mean that we are in an echo chamber of like minded people. It’s a safe place where we are reassured by others.

Meanwhile ¬†towers burn and terrorists destabilise our sense of being okay with the world. And where do we escape to? The screen of course. It’s the ultimate act of avoidance.

It doesn’t have to be like this. We can be connected to our sense of self and our community and still escape online sometimes.

But to be weaned off, we need to face reality. And that’s often an uncomfortable place to be.

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