The Counselling Relationship

Counselling and psychotherapy are often  misunderstood. People have a fusty image of patients lying on the couch in analysis, with the therapist silently nodding and occasionally offering interpretation.

Thankfully this is an outmoded image now. Therapy  is a working alliance – a relationship between two human beings: counsellor  and the client.

A counsellor doesn’t offer magic solutions, but neither do they sit and nod. They can  bring themselves into the relationship when necessary, but always with one foot in and one foot out.

It’s not about sitting and listening. It’s about understanding what lies beneath: your desires and defences. Sometime you will come to counselling with a specific goal, other times it is because you feel a general unease, that something isn’t quite right. Together we figure out what isn’t working, and what you need to address  and you make steps to realise your full potential.

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