Demystifying Dissociation

We all dissociate to some extent – when we drive on a motorway on autopilot, lost in thought, or when we bury ourselves in a book and are zoned out from noise and activity around us. This kind of dissociation is an automatic state of mind that we enter when Read more…

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Don’t Bottle it Up

Sometimes our emotions can become frozen. This can happen when we’ve experienced something traumatic in our childhood and is an effective coping strategy that protects us from overwhelming feelings. This coping mechanism helped us survive those difficult times without being consumed by sadness, anger and fear . But for many Read more…

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Talking Therapy

The Stiff Upper Lip

The stiff upper lip – it’s a phrase synonymous with Britishness isn’t it? Like warm beer, strawberries and cream it is part of our British identity. And sometimes it’s useful. In the face of adversity it pays to have a stiff upper lip, or a poker face. But keep the Read more…

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